Register for a FUEGO Account

Register for a FUEGO account to save time and money in avoiding toll bills and non-payment fees!

TPS | CCRMA now offers the option to manage your FUEGO account online to avoid the hassle of paying bills by mail. The FUEGO account offers a sticker tag for each vehicle to conveniently identify your vehicle on the SH 550 and pay for your toll usage.

There is no charge for the initial sticker tags, and you can add as many vehicles as you would like to your account at no extra charge.

To setup your account we will require a small initial deposit and a credit or debit card to be attached to the account for convenient auto pay options to make sure you always have enough funds in the account to cover your usage.

To get started on a new account click the link sign up for FUEGO below. If you already have an account, please login with your credentials in the login section.

FUEGO Account Login

To review the FUEGO Account terms and conditions, click here