Register Your License Plate

Register your license plate by signing up for a TPS CCRMA Register By Plate account and avoid Toll Bills and violation fees!

TPS CCRMA now offer customers the option to setup and manage Register By Plate accounts online to avoid the hassle of Toll Bills and violation fees.

Register By Plate accounts allow you to assign your vehicles to your account, and then make automatic payments using a credit card at the end of each month based on your actual amount of tolls from SH 550.

You may keep your account open if you continue to use SH 550, with no required terms or commitment.

No tags or initial deposit required. If you continue to make your payments each month, you can continue to use SH 550 without the worry of missing a Toll Bill payment.

If you no longer need your account, simply contact us and your account will be closed, and any remaining balance will be refunded to you.

To setup your account, all you need is your vehicle’s license plate number, your contact information (name, address, email address), and a valid credit card information for automatic payments.

Once your account is established, you may manage your payments and vehicles online at your convenience.

To create your Register by Plate account, Click Here

Register by Plate Account Login

To review the Register By Plate account terms and conditions, click here

Register By Plate customers are charged the Pay By Mail toll rate, with no additional mailing or violation fees. Register By Plate accounts are only available on SH 550.