SH 550 Info

The first two phases of State Highway 550 (SH 550) – formerly FM 511 – consist of overpasses at Paredes Line Road/FM 1847 and Dr. Hugh Emerson Road/FM 3248 and bypass a section of FM 511. The completed projects allow traffic to avoid two railroad crossings and five signalized intersections. With the completion of overpasses at US 77/83 and Old Alice Road in late 2014, the full SH 550 project will extend from US77/83 to Highway 48 at the Port of Brownsville.

SH 550 is a cashless toll road, and thanks to an innovative billing system, drivers without an electronic toll tag can receive a bill in the mail. There's no need to prepay or register.

TxTag remains the easiest, most cost-effective way to pay tolls on SH 550 and other Texas toll roads. Sign up for TxTag and save 25% off the Pay By Mail toll rate. TxTag is available online at or by calling 1-888-Go-TxTag. Customers choosing to use cash can open a TxTag account at the CCRMA Customer Service Center located at 3461 Carmen Avenue, Rancho Viejo, TX 78755. Only cash will be accepted at the CCRMA Customer Service Center.

SH 550 Map and Toll Rates

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Toll Rates on SH 550

Toll rates for Pay By Mail and TxTag customers who use SH 550 are listed below. Drivers who use a TxTag save 25% off the Pay By Mail toll rate and avoid the $1 processing fee associated with each toll bill. Click here to get a TxTag.

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